Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


The company is referred as, (“SnowGlobeHosting LLC”), (“us”) and (“we”). The customer will be referred as, (“you”), (“client”) and (“customer”). The products will be referred as (“services”) and (“products”). By making an account or purchasing a service on SnowGlobeHosting LLC, you agree to the Terms of Service (“ToS”) and our Privacy Policy.

Usage of your information

Your account cridentials will be used for:

- Sending activation mails
- Sending invoices, notifications and warnings
- Improving our site and services


Collected information
Once the client makes an account on SnowGlobeHosting LLC, we gather information for certain purposes.
This includes all the lines from Usage of your information.
The data we collect upon account creation:

- First name
- Last name
- Email address
- Phone number
- Street address
- City / state and postal code
- Country

Privacy Policy - SnowGlobeHosting

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