Terms Of Service

Terms of Service


The company is referred as, (“SnowGlobeHosting LLC”), (“us”) and (“we”). The customer will be referred as, (“you”), (“client”) and (“customer”). The products will be referred as (“services”) and (“products”). By making an account or purchasing a service on SnowGlobeHosting LLC, you agree to the Terms of Service (“ToS”) and our Privacy Policy.

Age restriction

1.1 The client must be at least 16 years of age in order to purchase a service on SnowGlobeHosting LLC.
1.2 If the client is below the age of 16, he or she needs permission from a parent or guardian in order to purchase a product on SnowGlobeHosting LLC.

Refund policy

2.1 If the game panel (panel.snowglobehosting.com) is not working for 12 hours, due technical problems, the customer receives a full refund.
2.2 If the product that the customer has ordered, is not given as displayed, the customer will receive a full refund.
2.3 If the technical issues department has not responded within 24 hours, the customer will receive a full refund.
2.4 If the customer has not received their service 12 hours after the payment comes through in our system, the customer will receive a full refund.
2.5 After a PayPal dispute has been noticed, the service and account of the user will be removed permanently without any notifications

*Services will be automatically activated once the payment comes through. If this is not the case, please contact our administration: [email protected]

Improper usages

3.1 Attempting to use our services in a wrongful meaning or if harmful to our systems, will result in an immediate termination without a warning.
3.2 Using our services in a wrongful way will lead to termination of the service with a upfront warning, the client is not allowed to do the following with their service(s):

- Host instant download links
- Host pornographic or racist content
- Host a service for storage purposes
- Host illegal content, such as leaked mods and add-ons.

3.3 If the client does not consent to our rules after the warning has been received, the service will be terminated without any warning.


4.1 Hyperlinking is only allowed with our consent.
4.2 Organizations with consent may link our website to the public or on other websites as longs as the link:

- Is not misleading in any way.
- Does not falsely imply sponsorship.

Data loss

5.1 We are not responsible for the data loss on the customer’s service. The customer is responsible for making their own back-ups.
5.2 If the customer failed to pay his overdue invoice and the service gets terminated, we are not responsible for the data loss.
5.3 We are not responsible for the data loss upon the termination of a trial server.

Overdue payments

6.1 The customer has two days before the service gets terminated.
6.2 We will suspend the service after one day not paying the overdue invoice. The service will be automatically unsuspended once the payment comes through.

Trial server

7.1 The customer is not allowed to create more than one trial server per game. If there’s a need of multiple game servers, please make a ticket.
7.2 Attempting to abuse our trial servers will result in an immediate termination of the trial server.

Account credentials

8.1 The customer is not allowed to use someone elses account credentials in order to sign up.
8.2 If the customer is using false account credentials, the customer has 48 hours to change this to their legal information.
8.3 If the customer has not changed their false account credentials within 48 hours, the account and service will get suspended and eventually removed.
8.4 The customer has to use legal account credentials of their own, this includes:

- First name
- Last name
- Phone number (Optional)
- Company name (Optional)
- Street address
- City
- State
- Postcode
- Country
- Tax ID (Optional)

Changes of the Terms of Service (“ToS”)

9.1 SnowGlobeHosting LLC has the right to change the Terms of Service at any time. 

Terms Of Service - SnowGlobeHosting

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